Our board

The accession Porslinan has a board consists of young people within the age of 13-25. It´s like that so we will do the right events and activities for our target group. If you want to join the board, contact our chairman or someone from the personal.

Members of the board:

Adrian Gudinge (Ordf.) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fredrik Svensson
Simon Johansson
Tessa Dehlén
Sebastian Andersson
Oscar Andersson
Maja Steenari
Magdalena Wojnar
Svante Norlin
Henry Nilsson
Shirin Zolfeghari
Mikael Pettersson
Annabella Gustafsson
Kenneth Svensson

Lars Mattsson, KPMG Bohlins revisions byrå


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